Mentoring our clients through self-sabotaging patterns

How successful coaches and mentors challenge their clients through limiting beliefs

Mentoring at the Institute of Management Consultants’ Annual event Sydney 2019


  1. Recognize the pattern that is running the sabotaging story. Recognizing the pattern that is running the sabotaging story can set your client free from their old frame of thinking and its subsequent results. To identify the sabotaging pattern, follow this step by step process:


Mentors must support, validate and pattern interrupt the client as is necessary. Remember, the client’s story is what is keeping them in the current reality.

  1. Validation is imperative, and needs to be done until the client feels heard and is able to admit and release the pain — sometimes even through sobbing on the call. When validating, make sure to share any personal experiences you may have in the moment — IF THEY ARE APPROPRIATE. When our clients hear our stories, they feel less alone with their struggles.

The most skilled mentors use the indirect approach of asking questions and allowing the client to come to the conclusion themselves.

I would love to hear your success stories around supporting your clients through a pattern interrupt!

This is was an excerpt from the Integration Mentor Program by Merja Sumiloff

Integration Mentor, personality profiler, Founder of Sumiloff Academy of Human Integration

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