Boundaries -vs- Barricades

Why boundaries can transform your life, while barricades may ruin it.

When it comes to those closest to us; our partner, children, co-workers and family, it is wise to note the difference between Boundaries and Barricades.


  • Are like a gate — we can let people and ideas in and out as we choose.


  • Are like a shield that we carry around us constantly, because we are waiting for the next violation to occur. Watching over our shoulder constantly can lead to psycho-emotional exhaustion.

Although boundary issues are common, we don’t have to build barricades to protect ourselves. If we can just accept that boundary issues will occur, and if we can give ourselves a permission to fail forward, we can learn new, more effective boundary skills. The main skills to learn are: how to identify what our boundaries are, and how to express our them in an authentic, compassionate way.

Feel free to google “how to”, or if you want to keep working together, check out our best-selling 4 People Within Course.

Integration Mentor, personality profiler, Founder of Sumiloff Academy of Human Integration

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