An opinion disguised as “truth”

  • Those who understand the power and appropriate use of this tool will not be challenged by this misrepresentation.
  • Those who who don’t may be misled by this dangerous misrepresentation.
  • Those who are skeptical will have their biased confirmed.

I do and will continue to use “Persona” as a great example of an opinion piece and of what can happen when we jump past facts and into conclusions because of our own biases.

The danger in this program is that it promotes dis-empowerment through alternative [read inaccurate] facts disguised as education. Fear is an easy way to control people. It stops us from doing our own research and making up our own minds. Empowering the self and others via education and fact-based conversations is much harder.



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Merja Sumiloff

Merja Sumiloff


Integration Mentor, personality profiler, Founder of Sumiloff Academy of Human Integration